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AIDEMMEDIA is an organization that assists businesses in effectively communicating their corporate message. To date it has developed close to one hundred brands that reflect the identities or message of each individual company or institution.

AIDEMMEDIA understands the need to design an identity that reaches beyond the logo, business cards and mobile-, social- and web media. During 15 years of development experience it has become clear that real synergetic advantage is achieved when the business plan and the corporate identity complement each other. In order to achieve this, AIDEMMEDIA is often contracted to assist in the business development along with the logo and brand identity.

AIDEMMEDIA has the flexibility to expand and contract based on active projects, sometimes allowing for temporary on-site work at the client's office.

"When I started AIDEMMEDIA in The Netherlands in 1997, I envisioned that Corporate Development was mostly a specific creative commodity. As 15 years of experience have shown me, it is nothing short of a partnership. The company, the brand and its identity needs to be treated as a living organism reflecting the organization or product while embedding social economic dynamics. We have been very fortunate to work with companies that understand and see the value of this concept. We realize that design is in the heart, but that the brand is in the mind. This means while the design may evoke a passionate response, one should never lose sight of the commercial responsibility and placement of the brand in a highly competitive, visual and fragmented market. Your identity and message will need to be unambiguous and keep up with the ever-changing world"

Rob Robbers, M.Sc.,
Overview of past and current clients

Business Development

AIDEMMEDIA has practical experience in the strategic positioning of companies in order to create meaningful advantages.

Over the years AIDEMMEDIA has been part of the development team of several San Diego companies, in most cases serving as an executive level consultant. The organization can provide clients with direction and processes, based on practical industry experience.

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Corporate Development

The creation of a corporate mission statement is widely regarded as one of the most valuable start-up assets in order to clearly communicate the core values of a business.
Selection of projects

AIDEMMEDIA collaborates with their clients in order to develop a meaningful and distinctive brand for their business or product. The organization also re-positions materials for established businesses when there is a need to adjust strategy or corporate image.

AIDEMMEDIA assists in the following categories:

Multimedia Development

AIDEMMEDIA's passion started with the possibilities that “new media” provided as design tools for expression. They realized that the calculated application of these tools could facilitate a more nuanced communication of vital business information. AIDEMMEDIA refers to this process as distilling the essence of the company message.

Online Presence

AIDEMMEDIA has designed and created many digital platform based projects. Today the focus is on the design and development of self-adapting mobile and desktop presences. AIDEMMEDIA understands the importance of placement and social media and collaborates with local groups that specialize in SEO and SMO.

Print Presence

AIDEMMEDIA's established relationships with local and online printers allow for a turn-key solution, when desired. AIDEMMEDIA designs and creates projects in the following categories:

AIDEMMEDIA designs and creates projects in the following categories:
  • business cards and letterhead

  • brochures and presentation folders

  • posters, cut outs and show booths

AIDEMMEDIA has over 15 years of experience in collaborating with a wide range of businesses, including software companies, non-profit organizations, consumer product manufacturers and retailers.

Affiliate Organizations

AIDEMMEDIA has had the privilege to be part of several organizations during either the start-up, the growth or rebranding phase.